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Transcending to ​your higher self.

Serving the modern day wombman during ​fertility, menstruation, pregnancy, birth and​ postpartum. Nourishing the nurturer thro​ugh food and ancestr​al practice.



Black Women are three times ​more likely to experience ​postpartum depression than ​their white counterparts.


Black women are 57% less ​likely to start treatment for ​postpartum depression and ​symptoms.


20% of postpartum deaths are ​due to postpartum depression.


have sought fertility treatment ​themselves or know someone ​who has as 1 in 8 couples in ​America encounter fertility ​hurdles.


Of women will develop ​fibriods in their lifetime-​however, not every woman will ​develop symptoms or require ​treatment.


of women of color are ​diagnosed with Endometriosis ​as this is the leading cause of ​chronic pelvic pain and ​infertility.

Realizing that many new mothers in America lack access to nutritional guidance, community support, and culturally ​inclusive resources. The first eight to twelve weeks known as the first 40 days after a baby's birth is a crucial time for the ​mother to be nurtured and supported.

A balanced eating regimen is grounding and key for recovery, optimal womb wellness and long term healing after birth. ​Allow yourself time and grace by nourishing your body first by making aligned choices. Even if you are not birthing or ​postpartum, our experiences range from an holistic meal service to womb support tailored towards each woman's desires ​and needs. Our wellness experience can look different for each woman and/or teen girl depending on the value added ​services requested.

These healthier choices and ancestral healing modalities ultimately, positively impact your seed but also your family ​dynamic as it begins with you, in mind.

We provide fertility, prenatal & post-birth holistic chef services in addition to womb health consultations.


Meet the Owner

Femeika Elliott

After my own experience, I had to reflect. If I knew what I knew now, I ​would have handled myself better nutritionally, holistically and ​spiritually. As your full spectrum holistic chef, I am devoted to you—a ​nurturer and healer with a passion for maternal health and women’s ​wellness through food.

I bring my background of 7 years in whole foods education, sacred ​medicine and ancestral practice with over 10 years in the social work ​field serving marginalized communities. My love for fresh whole foods, ​education, community and the preservation of culture inspire my work.

I am incredibly passionate about serving my community, bringing ​awareness through food and women's health. From one woman to ​another, I encourage you to embrace your new self as you shed off the ​past, as I am committed to nourishing and re-birthing the best evolved ​you as our branded logo reflects such.

Whether it be fertility, holistic period care, womb maintetence, ​pregnancy, postpartum or loss—my primary goals are to provide meal ​support, education and sacred practice; nourishing the woman so that ​she may focus on her new stage of life blossoming like a lotus despite ​her circumstances.

Different Baby Food with Fresh Fruits
Grainy Gradient Buildable Brutalist Rounded Bar Shape

Holistic Chef Services


  • Includes a Birthday Meal ​Package of Breakfast, Lunch, ​Dinner + Postpartum Tea & ​Pressed Juice afterbirth.
  • Postpartum Food Guide & ​access to our online cohort ​support.


  • 12-16 week in-home ​experience to include ​weekly meal preparation, ​herbal support
  • Access to our online ​cohort & the Postpartum ​Food Guide.


  • 12-16 week in-home ​experience to include ​weekly meal preparation, ​herbal support
  • Womb Consultation
  • 3 Pelvic Steaming Sessions
  • Access to online cohort
  • Postpartum Food Guide

Ask about our RECLAIM ​Tier for low income ​mothers, just click on the ​colorful Lotus logo!

Grayscale Photo of Person Holding a New Born Baby

Being part of your village was an absolute blessing as we welcomed your beautiful baby Gabrielle earthside Sydney as we welcomed ​our third Lotus baby. Thank you for allowing us in your space to assist you with your food and spiritual nourishment. We enjoyed this ​collaboration with our community doula at Empowered Doula Services. As a foodways practitioner and womb recovery specialist, it’s ​important to provide optimal care by ways of food and ancestral medicine. We are here as part of your village and mothership ​welcoming you warmly to motherhood. A balanced eating regimen is grounding and key for recovery, optimal womb wellness and
long ​term healing after birth. Allow yourself time and grace by nourishing your body first by making aligned choices. Our experiences range ​from an holistic meal service to womb support tailored towards each woman's desires and needs.

What is a Holistic Chef & ​Womb Specialist?

A person trained to advise, inform and offer a holistic eating and healing regimen through ​ancestral medicine. This includes emotional, physical comfort and alternative healing modalities ​tailored to a woman's womb recovery.

This chef provides offerings to a woman or mother before conception, during pregnancy, after the ​birth of her child to include loss. This chef also offers full spectrum services for the duration of a ​woman's lifespan from adolescence to menopause.


Our Products

Our products are created out ​of purpose, intentionality ​and love: keeping you in ​mind.

We want women to allow ​restoration and evolution to ​take place when they are ​using our beloved products.

Each product was inspired ​by each phase a woman ​experiences during her ​wombmanhood: journeying ​from adolescence to ​motherhood.

Product Spotlight

Our Purrr Womb Tea is for restoration and ​maintenance of the womb. This blend ​assists in menstrual cycle and womb ​regulation. This blend is for you if you ​seek interest in balancing your hormones.

  • Experience problematic menstrual ​cycles
  • Seek interest in womb maintenance
  • Experienced loss, trauma, grief or ​abortion
  • Experience vaginal dryness
  • Experience pre-menopausal symptoms
  • Experience low self esteem & ​confidence
  • Seek to connect to your wombspace
  • Have an endometriosis diagnosis
  • Preparing your womb to conceive
  • Seeking to enhance creativity from the ​womb center
  • Disclaimer: This tea is not for pregnant ​women or women with a diagnosis of ​fibroids.

Set Healthy Herbs


We create an oasis where your femininity ​can thrive; healing your temple by ​replenishing your womb, mind, body and ​soul. We offer in-home services and ​ancestral services in our Lilypad Suite as it ​is a safe space for women and girls.

  • Lotus Meal Preparation Service
  • Womb Consultations
  • General Holistic Health Consultations
  • Women's Health Advocacy
  • Yoni Steaming
  • H​erbal Apothecary & Tea Haus

Our Reviews & ​Publications

Jasmine R., Lotus Mama

"I booked the Rebirth tier with The Lotus Program ​when I gave birth to my first child and it was the best ​decision I have made. Realizing how food really effects ​your mental health especially as a recovering woman ​is important. I am so happy I am rebooking another ​package as I have birthed my second Lotus baby! I not ​only recieved education on healthier choices, but so ​did my family. Meika is intentional about the services ​and experiences she provides community."

Victoria W., Lotus Mama

"The food is delicious! I have been consistent with the ​plant-based eating regimen while recovering. I am ​starting to feel more confident, positive and have ​more energy. The food guide helps tons!"

Zerconia D., Lilypad Client

"I have noticed a huge difference in my digestive ​tract as I have more energy than before developing ​my holistic care plan. My cramp pain is decreasing ​as I adhere to the regimen."


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